samedi 6 mai 2017

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Coupla things now that the great selfie extravaganza is over, H&M and friends have flung some boilerplate around and hijacked the conversation with dubious corporate greenwashing; and elected representatives are contemplating their pat replies... Don't give up, don't give in, don't satisfy yourself with corporate speechifying, keep questioning, keep badgering, keep finding out, keep learning, call bullshit out wherever it is encountered (can we talk about the elephant in the room here... "celebrity" sewing bloggers and fast crafting with Frankenfabric... ahem!), stay out of the mall, discover your fibershed, learn how to sew or knit or weave or mend, meet and support your local and domestic makers and growers, make your own colour, grow your own colour, know where the seeds came from, know the pH of your water, challenge what you have been taught is normal, convenient, clean and respectable, challenge the hegemony of fast (food, tech. fashion, love...), know that guilt can be a way forward - and yes, I know that's anathema on this hedonic treadmill we're on, value activities that can't be marketed, read! (knowledge is not a commodity, check out your local and university libraries), realize that things are the way they are now because dominant cultural conditions intentionally created and maintained the current set up squeezing out alternatives or making them appear unattractive, remember that the status quo is not the only possible state of affairs and that different, varied, fairer plans of action are underway!!! 

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